How reliable is your Tx Acceptance system?
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As I cover in our Tx Acceptance CD, it's the uncertainties that hurt Tx acceptance. When I ask doctors to compare their clinical with their Presentation/Acceptance systems I often hear questions such as: "Are patients blown away when I present full Tx plans?" "Am I talking too much or not enough?" "What exactly is a Treatment Coordinator and what are her duties?" Compare the systems and you see the problem.

What about the doctor who is confident and presents well only to send patients up front into an unknown? Will they be able to discuss and work out finances, or will you hear another "they want to go home and think about it/wait till next year/talk to their husband/ etc., etc?"

In short, it's the uncertainties that keep your systems from flowing. You want systems that are reliable and workable, not something that you have to hammer back in place with each and every patient. That's why doctors get cross when their systems full apart.

What about your Presentation/Acceptance system? Does it flow? Is it as reliable as your clinical systems? What if it stops working? Do you have holes in your schedule because of missed acceptance? How do you train a Treatment Coordinator (even in a practice with one person up front)?

Regardless of your production range, there are specific answers for your practice. That's why we offer our free consultation. We ask enough questions to "wrap our wits around" your practice, to see what you are running into. It's free because we don't believe in charging unless we honestly feel we can help. You are not obligated in any way and there is absolutely no pressure.

Certainty is the answer and this is where we start: Call our Appointment Coordinator at 800-818-1515 or fill out the form below. Along with the consult you'll get our latest CD.

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